Shannon McGarvey is a writer, producer, and project manager living in Austin, Texas. She holds an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow and a BA in English (Creative Writing) from Texas State University.

Her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in Footnote: A Literary Journal of History (forthcoming 2021), Points In Case, Anastamos, Temenos Journal, Merge: An Independent Journal of Convergent Ideas, the Furnace Review, and the influential two-hour theatrical production “Women of Ill Repute: Refute.”

She was a fellow of the Prague Summer Program For Writing and a recipient of the Greta Wrolstad Scholarship for Young Poets in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Forthcoming 2021.

Anastamos (2019)

"An Oprah Gif for Every Occasion"
Points in Case (2019)

"Women of Ill Repute: Refute!"
promotional poster (2000)

Promotional photo of the "Women of Ill Repute: Refute!" from Stages of Life: Transcultural Performance and Identity in U.S. Latina Theater by Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez, Nancy Saporta Sternbach

Curator's statement from Mexi-Arte performance (2001)
"Women of Ill Repute: Refute!"

Merge Poetry (2008)

Spoken Word Album (2004)